Newport RI Micro Wedding and Events

Everything you need for your dreamy, intimate Newport RI micro wedding.

The Cliffside Inn has always offered an elegant, stunning boutique hotel venue for your intimate Newport RI wedding or small group event. And we've got good news–we're still here! If you're a bride or groom that has been dealing with the unforeseen stress and chaos of trying to replan your wedding, we've found a silver lining. Instead of postponing your wedding, why not have an intimate, romantic Newport RI micro wedding with us?

Here at The Cliffside Inn, personal, smaller-scale, intimate affairs, it's always been our thing. While they’ve been gaining popularity in recent years, we think it’s likely they’ll continue to be on the rise with our changing and challenging social environment these days. And we think our favorite reasons for keeping it small will convince you it's the only way to go:

  • You're keeping those you care about most safe, healthy, and happy. We all know the responsibility that comes with event planning—never more so than during the time of COVID-19. Don't add the stress of potentially exposing people to potential harm… keep it small with an Newport micro wedding!
  • You actually get to BE with everyone! The bigger the wedding, the more stress and the more there is to plan (take it from some of us who had 150+ guest weddings…). Micro weddings less than 50* people allow you the truly intimate affair many people only wish they would have hosted. In fact, our boutique Newport RI hotel is perfect for micro weddings, offering 16 rooms (accommodating 34 total guests)—which allow you to book the entire property for your guests, and have your own private venue to yourself for as many days as you like.
  • No "required" guests. You know that former coworker or long-lost aunt your mom thinks you HAVE to invite? Well, when you can only invite a select few that's the easiest out there is!
  • It gets to be what you want it to be, where you want it to be. Simply put, if you're interested in an outside-of-the-box affair—if unique style, an amazing Newport RI destination, and a boutique setting is your thing—we have exactly what you're searching for.